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Slick Play™

Youth Sports Management Platform

Manage your clubs, camps, tournaments, and leagues with the best youth sports management platform that is designed for any sport. Designed to make PLAY happen with a full roster of tools designed to save time & grow participation - all online, all on one complete platform

Operate Like The Pro You Are

Technology that gets you back to Play

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Slick Connect keeps coaches, teams and families on time, at the right place & informed all season long.

Position Your League For SUCCESS

Automated Scheduling

Generate schedules in just a few clicks, auto-schedule a full season in minutes. Create tournament brackets in less than a minute, complete with seed ranks, start dates, locations, and game times.

Branded Website
& Mobile App

Branded mobile app and mobile responsive web site designed by professionals. Give your organization the mobile & internet presence it deserves.

Fan Favorite Features

Get instant notifications when venues change, times are adjusted or events are cancelled. Chat wit the team or privately with your coaches.


Designed BY A Sports Managers FOR Sports Managers

Slick Protect™

Track and monitor the updated status of every athlete's health conditions, moment to moment, to ensure alignment with activities, and the timeliness of health-related paperwork.

Safeguard young athletes from inappropriate messages. Obscene or suspicious messages are intercepted before reaching the athlete, and a copy of the attempted message is sent to the league or facility for review.


With 1-touch, easily duplicate and age entire tournaments: automatically aging players by a month/season/year, creating new schedules, and replicating all associated marketing campaigns and dates to match.

Slick Connect™

Keep athletes, coaches, parents, and fans up to date with the latest schedules, scores, messaging and more right in the palm of their hands. Slick Connect™ Mobile has you covered.

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